Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Last Chemo Today :)

Jordan came with me to my last chemo. Steve was there too- he took the picture. It is not easy to go with someone to chemo. It is not the most uplifting place to be. I am glad though that all my kids got a chance to come. And Steve, well he has just been my constant companion through all of this- basketball season and all.

It's a great feeling to be done. I go back in 6 weeks for blood tests. My hair should start coming back in about then. My taste will come back even sooner! Looking forward to that. I am kinda tired of the constant metallic taste.

I had a very simple tender mercy today. Did any of you see that beautiful sunrise? Well, this is selfish, but I felt like it was just for me on my last day of chemo. Another way my Heavenly Father shows me how much He loves me.


  1. I'm sure that sunrise was just for you. I am so excited you are done and that your hair will start growing back, but I have to tell you, you are totally rocking the whole no hair hat look. You are beautiful!

  2. Steph, You have been a inspiration to all of us. You have had Faith and Strength to all of us. Thank You for being an example to us! We have enjoyed your blog and the positveness that you have written from your heart. The Ottoson's.

  3. You are amazing, I don't have a gift with words (like my dear sister:) but I think you are awesome!