Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sometimes you just gotta party! Doesn't this look like fun?! This is my end of chemo celebration we had last Saturday. My neighborhood friends are wearing hats made by Virginia (in the pink sweater) that we decorated with flowers. We completed 24 hats! They will be going on the free hat tree where I had my chemo treatments.

We also made over 100 cards with inspirational quotes. These cards will be put in bags that are given out by the Rack Pack Foundation to women that are newly diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt so good to do something that will help women that are going through what I went through. Thanks everyone that came and helped. This celebration was perfect! Friends and service- oh I can't forget the cheesecake. It was so yummy!

Which brings me to another subject. My taste is back! Now that is something to celebrate. Today was the first day that I can say it is back 100%. I am going to have to be so careful though. I want to taste everthing now. I will have to pace myself so I don't gain 50 pounds!

Back on the 11th Steve and I attended a dinner that my support group- the Young Survivor Sisters have every year. They call it "Celebration of Life." It was at the Joseph Smith Meorial Building and Hillary Weeks was the guest speaker. She is an LDS singer/songwriter. This is a song she shared with us. It explains exactly how I feel!
Click here to see her video.

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  1. That song was beautiful! I started crying the second I recognized Stephanie Nielson and her family. I'm thankful for sharing part of your journey with you. I need reminders sometimes to be grateful for just being here and experiencing life. Love you!