Thursday, March 15, 2012

Final Phase

I had my 6 week post chemo appointment with my oncologist yesterday. He gave me some great news. My blood tests look good and I am well enough to have my reconstruction surgery. I will be going in for this on April 11th. Although I am not really looking forward to another surgery and recovery- I will be so glad to be done with everything. Well, I guess not everything. Along with the good news my oncologists also gave me a prescription for Tamoxifen. I have to take this for five years so the cancer does not reoccur. My tumor was estrogen fueled so this drug will block estrogen. Basically, I will experience early menopause. The chemo caused me to have night sweats a few times a week (for you youngsters that don't know much about menopause- they are like hot flashes while you are sleeping). My doctor said these might increase now. I am not too excited about this because they are so intense they wake me up. There is a whole list of other side effects. By now I am used to that. It effects everyone different- so we shall see which ones I get.

On a lighter note- I am so excited for spring! Back in the fall the activity day girls in my ward planted over 100 pink tulips and they are starting to come up. I will post a picture as soon as they do. I will also share a picture of my new hair as soon as I have some. It is coming slowly. It's the peach fuzz stage right now. I can't feel it, but can't see it. Stay tuned!

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