Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beautiful Fall Colors- Great Therapy

I told you Steve has a way with words! I really appreciate him giving that update on my surgery. He has been so, so good. In so many ways I feel like this is harder for him than it is me. For example, during the surgery I was completely oblivious and sleeping while he had to worry for hours. Even after the surgery, I was flying high on painkillers (as you can see in the pictures he posted) and he still had to be the one worrying. This battle is not for the faint of heart and his heart is strong and committed.

On Sunday we took a drive up American Fork Canyon. It was spectacular! These pictures don't do it justice.

From left to right this is- Heather, Me, my Mom and Amber. Yep, my sweet Mom came up from So. Calif. the day I came home from hospital. I know that I would not feel as good as I do now if she had not come. Physically, she made sure that I took it easy and rested even when I didn't feel tired. Emotionally, it was so good to have her here. There is just something about having your mommy close by when you feel yucky.

Lots of other people have helped me recover quickly; the meals that were brought in, the sign on my house, flowers, cards, emails and facebookers. Thank you to everyone. The battle goes on and I feel my army gathered around. I have felt all the love and prayers from each of you.


  1. Thinking of you Steph :-) You are a wonderful example of,how to deal with things! A real inspiration! Love you muchly xOx

  2. I am amazed how good you look in this picture. I would never know you had just had surgery. You are amazing!

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL picture of all you girls!! That's a framer for sure. Love it.

  4. Look at me! Figuring out how to comment on blogs! Only for you Steph! Love ya girl!